Antiquities In Danger

Posted on September 16th, 2007 by

Meanwhile in Greece fires raged this summer:

Greek Fires Kills 60 but Spare Ancient Olympia Ruins

Fires Rage Across Greece (Aug. 26)

Greek Fires Kill at Least 12 and Threaten Antiquities (Aug. 27)

Plus an Explainer from Slate that asks “Are Ancient Ruins Flamable?”

Over in Rome:

Colosseum is Menaced by Vandals Again

And perhaps spurred by this recent flurry of anitiquities-related news, an economist from Slate contemplates a strategy to protect anitiquities from plundering:

Rent-A-Treasure: How to Eliminate the Black Market in Stolen Antiquities.

about which, rogueclassicism had this to say:


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