Long Live the King: Elvis Rex

Posted on October 20th, 2007 by

…or Classics Professors Can Be Hep-Cats, Too!

Crooner “with a calling” sings Elvis…in Latin

“In my high school years in the early 1960s I had my own band and I sang Elvis in English,” said Ammondt. “Later, as a university professor in the 1990s, I realised that it was my calling to sing Elvis in Latin.”

He now tours every summer during university break, playing across Europe or the United States where he has performed in Memphis, home to Elvis’ Graceland mansion, New York and San Francisco.

Elvis’ 1956 hit “Tedere me ama” (“Love Me Tender”): “I tenere me, suaviter/Ama intime/Me beasti dulciter/Et nunc amo te/Tenere me adama/Vero somnio/Amo te, o lux mea: Fiat unio.”


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  1. Dom Halpin says:

    Would like to hear some of that as I do some Elvis