Marriage, Martial, and Newsweek Posted on June 2nd, 2008 by

It’s not everyday that you see Martial quoted in Newsweek.

as Ellen DeGeneres told John McCain on her show recently, “We are all the same people, all of us.”

That’s what the California Supreme Court said when it ruled that gay couples should have the right to marry as a matter of basic equality. Before you could say “Jonathan and Andrew request the honour of your presence,” opponents were suggesting that civilization would crash and burn if two guys could register at Pottery Barn and raise kids in a ranch house. All those wailing that gay marriage is an invention of amoral modernism might want to consider these lines from a Roman poem of the second century A.D.:

“The bearded Callistratus married the rugged Afer/Under the same law by which a woman takes a husband./Torches were carried before him, a bridal veil covered his face.” And afterward everyone sat down to salmon, rice pilaf and chocolate mousse. Well, actually, I made up that last part just as surely as some people are making up the dire consequences of same-sex troth-plighting.


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