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A most distinguished visitor has arrived in the Gustavus Classics department a long way from his second-grade friends at Algonquin Road School in Illinois. Meet Flat Stanley!

Dear Ms. Marge Tietz & Second Graders at the Algonquin Road School,

I just wanted to send you some photos from my recent travels. I am in St. Peter, MN right now, where I am visiting Ayden R’s aunt. She is a college professor of Classics at Gustavus Adolphus College. On Saturday, I went to the Twin Cities (an hour’s drive away from St. Peter) with several students in the Classics Honors Society, Eta Sigma Phi. We visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art and saw lots of cool art. I am sending you a postcard from my visit there. I hope you receive it soon. I think you will like it. After our visit to the Museum, we went to a Greek restaurant called “It’s Greek to Me.” I had souvlaki, a Greek sandwich with grilled chicken on a toasted pita bread with a yummy Greek sauce called tzatziki (made with yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers). It was delicious!

On Monday, I visited the Classics department, where Ayden’s aunt teaches. I couldn’t resist having my picture taken in front of the wall painting of the Parthenon in the Classics lounge. I found out that the Parthenon was built in Athens, Greece in the 5th century B.C. It was a temple in honor of Athena, the patron goddess of Athens.

Can you see me now?

Isn’t it beautiful?

Later that day, I visited a beginning Latin class. I learned how to say, “I love Latin” in Latin. That’s “Amo linguam Latinam.”

Amo linguam Latinam!

I liked the students in the class, who were very friendly and who had done their homework well. I had my picture taken with several of them.

Here I am with my new friends (amici)!

You can see me hanging out with Acilius (all the students in the class have Latin names inaddition to their real names).

Well, that’s it for now. I hear that I will be heading down to San Antonio tomorrow and I hope to send you more news once I get there.

I am enjoying my travels very much, although sometimes I miss you all.


Flat Stanley

It was wonderful having you here, Stanley. Come again soon!

(Learn more about Flat Stanley here.)


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  1. Eric Dugdale says:

    Salve Flat Stanley!

    homunculus urbanissimus es! I enjoyed reading about your visit to Gustavus – come back and visit us in December for the Romans vs. Greeks broomball showdown!