Eta Sigma Phi Welcomes New Members Posted on March 16th, 2009 by

The Ides of March is characteristically known as an ominous day, full of suspicion and folklore. However, events in the Melva Lind Interpretive Center were anything but auspicious. New members of Eta Sigma Phi were inducted into the society and promised to bind together in “earnest endeavor, good will, and friendship.” The ceremony included a procession from the outdoors into the naos, followed by the ritual of kissing the bust of Caesar. This year participants lit a candle to signify their unity and friendship into the Classical family of Eta Sigma Phi. Pizza and ice cream were the highlights of the afternoon, as well as the ever-famous Classical index card game. Plato’s Play-doh was also present, which many found favorable.

New members of Eta Sigma Phi include: Dan Barthell, Katie Jorgensen, Katie Webster, Jericho Westendorf, Harry Youngvorst, Colleen Javorina, Emily Kuenker, Brad Abell, Karl Boettcher, Emily Johnson, Carissa Keith, Molly McBride, Rachel Peters, and Tanya Rupp.


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