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On Saturday December 13, 2008, Classicists and Non-Classicists alike joined together in the annual Eta Sigma Phi broomball game. The competitive match-up between Greeks and Romans took place in the Lund Ice Arena. A tight scoring game led the Greeks to believe they had won, but were distraught when the Romans revealed that information was false. As history is bound to repeat itself, so too was the memory of the game’s score. The Romans say they conquered the ice, while the Greeks like to think they had the mighty bolt of Zeus on their side. In either case, the game was full of laughter, intensity, and Herculean strength. A Classics-family supper followed in the Gustavus MarketPlace.


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  1. Drew Gilbertson says:

    That looks like a lot more action than what happened in this classic:

    Monty Python’s Greek v. German Philosophers Soccer Match (aka “Football”)