It’s All Greek to…Hollywood? Posted on March 28th, 2009 by

Apparently Hollywood is working on a blockbuster movie about the Greek gods.


According to Variety:

Fox 2000 has assembled a cast of Greek gods for the fantasy adventure “Percy Jackson.”

Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan and Sean Bean have signed on to play Medusa, Chiron and Zeus, respectively. Kevin McKidd (Poseidon) and Melina Kanakerides (Athena) are also joining the heavenly bunch in the Chris Columbus-helmed pic.

The studio is still looking to fill the roles of Aries, Hades and Persephone. Logan Lerman and Brandon Jackson have already signed on to topline.

Story centers on Poseidon’s half-human teenage son (Lerman), who embarks on a quest across modern-day America to save his mother, return Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and prevent a deadly war between the gods.

Lensing begins next month in Vancouver, with the studio setting a February 2010 release date.



  1. bill sherman says:

    i dont think percy should be tht old

  2. Chinese resturant says:

    Who’s going to be playing Annabeth Chase?

  3. hails says:

    logan lerman looks like percy but is way to old.
    brandon T. Jackson is also to old and does not look like Grover at all.
    the girl playing the role of annabeth is 24! and shes trying to play a 12 year old. its not what the book described!!

  4. derreon pettinari says:

    percy jackson rules

  5. hannah h. says:

    i can all ready tell that the movie is most likely not goin 2 very good…..but THE BOOKS WERE SOOOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  6. emma says:

    i really don’t know why they just can’t respect the book!
    Annabeth is blond [1]
    They are 12 [2]
    They don’t like each other [not in the beggining] [3]

    I still have hope

  7. tina says:

    okay im in love with the books and im still shakey on how the movie will turn out but i hope it will be okay….. but yes i see many flaws already. the fact that the actress playing annabeth is 20 something and percy looks way too old to be a 12 year old (although he is hot….) and annabeth is a blond but the actress isnt, um…. there was one more but i cant remember….oh and whats with grover? thats not how i pictured him. oh well i hope it willl be alright.

  8. Nikki says:

    I have little hope the movie will match up to the book, I’ve watched the preview several times and I’m still not quite sure. Of course I’m still gonna see the movie…
    I just have like 5 little problems

    1. Annabeth is BLONDE and she is 12! The actress is like 24 and Annabeth is 12! I also think her eyes are too blue, they are supposed to be gray but that isn’t a big deal…
    2.They all look sooo old, not like 12 years olds!
    3.Grover is supposed to look Percy’s age!!! I wonder what is going to happen with the new grover…
    4.Where is Clarisse? She plays a relatively big part in the series…
    5.The guy who plays Disonyus (is that how you spell it?) Looks more to me like a Grover not Disonyous!
    6.Oops I have a 6th little problem: In the movie preview Percy doesn’t know about the pen!!!!!! But HOW could he have already used it and not know it’s a pen/sword!

    Yup I think that’s it, I’m still seeing the movie…

    • Logan Lerman says:

      First of all Alexandra Diddario is not 24. Second of all I am not too old to be in this movie.

    • Florencia Aubrey Belladonna Scented says:

      Riptide is the Pen/Sword!
      And you spelled it wrong its:Dionysus.

      • Nikki says:

        Yeah I know what riptide is and i was mad they didn’t mention it in the movie, sorry i didn’t know how to spell Dionysus thats such a big deal

  9. val says:

    yeah like Clarisse is SOOOOOOO important. i can’t believe they left her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. brandon says:

    first off i dont think they should have the guy who is supposed to play poisidon play him i imagined him more beefy and black hair not blond and they movie is not ever be as good as the book whats with the age of anabeth’s actor

  11. Tracy says:

    I agree with all of you! Whoever was in control with casting did not do a good job at all! Percy looks way to old to be twelve(even though he his HOT!), And when they make the other books into movies, he’ll look like he’s 20 instead of 16. The girl who plays Annabeth is WAY too old and looks nothing like her along with Brandon who plays Grover(even though he makes Grover look cooler and I’m a 100% sure he isn’t black) and who plays Clarrise? I hope they don’t mess up on her. I saw luke in the previews for like 2 seconds, he looked ok. Actually, from what i saw so far, he the only character they haven’t screwed up on but I’m still DEFINATLY going to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sam says:

    I got interviewed to be Percy and I’m 11 but Logan? way 2 old. WTF is wrong with 24 year old Annabeth, crazy! I’m still seeing it though…

  13. Logan Lerman says:

    First of all, Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) is not 24. She is younger than that. Second of all I, ( Logan Lerman) is not too old for the movie, but I love all of you who said I am hot. Hope you like the movie!

  14. Izzie says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie. But there are alot of flaws.

    1. Annabeth is blonde and 12. Alexandra is 20 and a brunette,

    2 Grover totally does not look like the way they described him the book.

    3. Logan is way to old to play Percy.

    • mena says:

      so do you think the movie is going to be gust like the book ……. so SHUT UP and do you think you can make a better movie LOGAN IS HOT !!!!

  15. Nikki says:

    Ok, I saw the movie and was not at all impressed. It could have been a different movie, not based on the book! The movie was okay,a four out of ten. But I was kind of waiting for it to end. At the end, Luke got thrown into the hudson river and I was confused about what actually happened to him. Also they made Hades seem like the bad guy. AND they didn’t include Ares or Clarisse! And where was Dionysus or the Oracle? I was disappointed. The graphics were weird too. They took away the chimera part and put in a whole new hydra part. The quest was different too. Percy was supposed to get the pearls he receives from the woman he sees in the lake. Also in the movie Grover stays behind in the underworld while Percy saves his mom. I didn’t like the movie and I hope they don’t make a sequel. (but even if they do I’ll still see it) Thanks for reading!

  16. Donthavename says:

    Yea i got upset i was like weres clarisse and ares and shes blond they do look to old and i always thought they described grover as being pale white or something

  17. abby says:

    Logan may have been a little older than what i expected ( but still hot) and the movie was okay, but out of order and nothing like the books at all. I hope if the make a movie on the sea of monsters it at least has tyson in it, but he has to be big and not the least bit skinny. Don’t get me wrong but i think the movie was okay but the books were great. and hopfully they put clarisse and ares in the movie or i’ll give the director a piece of my mind!!!

  18. abby says:

    Logan might not be the right person to play percy if you were a control freak and wanted the movie to be perfect, but i think he did good in the movie. I went to see the movie and thought it was ok, but if they don’t put clarisse in the next movie i just might give somebody a piece of my mind!

  19. mena says:

    frist of all YOU ALL ARE HATERS and do you think the movie is going to be gust like the book …..NO so dont
    even pull all that and … as if you can make a better movie Alexandra (annabeth) is not to old ..i mean yah she is a little old then the annabeth in the book but she is also good pretty and good at acting. Logan is not to old. Also he is realy cute (o.k he is hot) but all im saying is dont say bad things because it is an awsome movie and an even more awsome book. 😀

  20. mena says:

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE BOOKS because i never read and because of this book i am reading more so THANK YOU

  21. abby says:

    i know those books were SO good that i went and bought all of them and read them a least 3 times, and your right mena logan is hot, alexandra is a good actor, and you can never be to old.

  22. Alley says:

    Logan i have a question for you if you ever see this. will you be in all the percy jackson movies with Alexandra, and the person who plays Grover or are the going to switch people or make only one more movie?

  23. FanofApollo4ever says:

    God all the haters grow up so what the girl playing Annabeth is 24 which i very much doubt and hell yeah Logan Lerman is positively the hottest i have ever seen the movie was great and i love Grover so what Poisedon’s hair is blonde personally i’m into dark haired guys but i will make an exception for him cause i think he is so adorable anyway where was i, i think you should really just stop whining you go and try and make a movie and see how it feels when a bunch of whiny fans a whining over the age of the actor playing Anabeth or how they should twelve but being Seventeen works much better i think.
    Oh by the way did anybody see the guy who played i thought i had died and went to heaven what a gorgues guy they better show him lots in the other movies.
    Sorry if i offended anybody just saying. Luv Ya xoxo

  24. Angie says:

    i think most of u guys are being haters the movie was like really good .who really cares how old Alexandra is honestly who would give a care(btw if she is in her 20’s she looks younger). i think she did an awsome job and Logan did a really good job and is isnt too old for dis movie he is also such a hottie!!!!! Brandon T Jackson did a hella good job too he seems like a cool person

  25. ArtimessFan says:

    I liked the movie a lot! And I thought Logan Lerman was the PERFECT Percy Jackson. Granted the actor for Annabeth was a bit older than I exspected (although definatley younger than 24) she totally made up for it with phenomenal acting skills. Way 2 go guys! The movie rocked! Even if it was a bit out of order. 😀

  26. PJ LOVER says:

    Percy Jackson!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3