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On October 1st, a troupe of St. Olaf players brought us the Roman comedian Plautus’ Aulularia (‘Little Pot o’ Gold’) – performed in English, with a bit of Latin thrown in for good measure.  Students from all walks of Gustavus life enjoyed an hour of uproarious situation comedy, musical numbers, slapstick, and crazy coincidences.  Read the following review submitted by Nick Neutkens, beginning Greek student:

Although I understood absolutely none of the Latin, I thoroughly enjoyed the Aulularia play. I was very impressed with how little they had to work with and what they produced with it on stage. It was in fact, a great comedy that produced a lot of laughs as well as some puns including Greek superiority. Latin is a great thing to learn and all, but everyone knows that Greek is far more superior than any other language. The only aspect of the play that did bother me was the character consistency. The characters that seemed to be the most entertaining to me had very few lines and I was hoping to see more of them. Other than that miniscule personal preference, the actors performed very well and their singing was better than expected. Another interesting thought about the play was that four of the actors were actually Physics majors at St. Olaf. That is an interesting way to show that you don’t have to be a Classics major to celebrate or learn the classics. Overall, the play met my expectations and maybe did a little more than that. There is a good chance that I will be present at next year’s performance. To those who were involved with the play, I say “eu ge!”


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