From Homer to Beyonce, with love

Posted on August 19th, 2010 by

HT: Emma and Paula


Classical allusions, Homer and Beyonce, what’s not to love?  Actually, this connection has been getting some attention for a while now.

Take a look at this course: Singer of Tales: The Epic in Action from Homer to Hip-Hop…

This course is about the epic poem in ancient and modern times. Students will examine the history of the epic narrative poem, and trace its journey from Homer — in classic Greece, to hip-hop today.

Rosen and Marks  ” Comedies of Transgression in Gangsta Rap and Ancient Classical Poetry

…Far from being an unprecedented art form that can only reflect the social pathologies idiosyncratic to American ghetto life, gangsta rap operates within a well-documented poetic tradition within African-American culture that ritualizes invective,
satire, obscenity, and other verbal phenomena with transgressive aims.

We propose in this study not only to investigate the more direct literary and cultural antecedents of gangsta rap, but to describe some of its remarkable affinities with a historically unrelated tradition, namely the genres of poetic satire and mockery in Greco-Roman classical antiquity.


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