Classics and Modern Art

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HT Sean Cobb

An interesting review of three art exhibitions in the New York Times: Movements Expanded and Refined.  Classics figures into the article tangentially, but here are the highlights:

-information on the exhibit Chaos and Classicism, which…

“…traces [the] interwar classical aesthetic as it worked its way from a poetic, mythic idea in the Parisian avant-garde; to a political, historical idea of a revived Roman Empire, under Mussolini; to a neo-Platonic High Modernism at the Bauhaus, and then, chillingly, a pseudo-biological classicism, or Aryanism, in nascent Nazi culture”

-Hippocrates quote “ars longa” or “the art is long (-lasting)”. Of course he would have said it in Greek, not Latin, and he’s referring to medical skill, but whatever.  It’s always a good day when Hippocrates shows up in modern media.

-de Chirico’s ‘Gladiators at Rest’ (1928-29); de Chirico works a lot with classical references and images.  For more, take a look here.


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