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Dissecting Celebrity with Help from Euripides & Co.

Why exactly do we care about our current (or any) crop of famous people? Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis explains. (HT Sean Cobb).  The link is here.

Ancient Greek Computer…Legos-Style

HT Joe Leonioni Watch this incredible video demonstration of a replica of an ancient Greek computer…built out of legos!  Those Greeks sure were smart.  And they would have *loved* legos.

The Peloponnesian War: The Soundtrack

Music makes everything better. Ever wish that the Peloponnesian War had its own soundtrack?  Now it does! This indie band based in Austin put Thucydides to *music*!  Click here to listen to their songs, which are free and downloadable.

The Colosseum Finds a Patron

Out from the rubble of the bad news about collapsing Roman ruins comes a bit of good news: An Italian shoe tycoon has offered to provide the entire 25 million euro (£21 million) cost of renovating the Colosseum after the project failed to attract the support of any international sponsors. Diego Della Valle, the head […]

Ten timely leadership lessons from Cleopatra

Contemplating a career in the public eye? Look no further than this NY Times op-ed for sage advice on what to do and not do.  The link is here. LET’S say you can’t readily lay your hands on “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun” or those of Winnie the Pooh. And let’s say the political […]

Italian Ruins Further Ruined By Government Negligence

It’s been a bad year for ancient Roman monuments–particularly gladiator-related ones. Last May, part of the roof of the Colosseum fell in. The three chunks of mortar plummeted to the ground around dawn on Sunday, a few hours before thousands of tourists tramped through the gladiatorial arena. They crashed through a wire protection net which […]