Green and Yellows: A Hip-Hop Shout-out to the Cambridge Commentaries

Posted on May 15th, 2011 by

A clever classics-themed parody of wiz khalifa’s “black and yellow” adapted to praise the Cambridge “green and yellow” classical commentary series, complete with agonistic put-downs of rival Oxford Classical Texts (OCT).


yeah, uh huh
you know what it is
green and yellows (x4)
everything i read
i read in green
OCTs nothin’
cambridge green and yellow classics, that’s stuntin’
reading like pliny while vesuvius blasting
must be in oz cause my library’s emerald city


green top
yellow bottom
the commentary’s hot,
the greek font is awesome
and all kinds o’ shit
that’s why all o’ these
playaz just gotta git it
latin prose,
greek mythology
the more you owns,
the more you be a balla, G
the best is water
but gold like fire gleaming
shines in the night
so hot my shelf be steaming
your oxfords in trouble
bound to get spineless
ground into rubble
while my cambridge still shines
yellow like the sun
from p. e. easterling
to m. l. west, son
shining like bling-bling



you know I gets those yellows
cause I makes that green
got so many books
my shelf’s got major sheen
so fresh, my copies clean
amazon dot com speeds my delivery
me and ken drapes
got skills to make papes
and rhymes to break Yeats
yeah, you see we figure dates
with pot sherds and broken plates
comp. lit suckers can’t relate
f*** rhymin; my lyrics I’ll quantitate
and put you in a state of the sublime
I’m gone, so Long-
-inus don’t know my flow



you buy from amazon and get your camws on
but you look away from yours
and damn, it’s gone
as i abscond
another volume in my stack
you’re so jealous that you’re green
but so yellow that you don’t fight
my shelf colored like the pack [see e.g. lil’ wayne’s other, packer-themed “green and yellow”]
ballin’ like it too
so heavy that the floor’s got
case as tall as the wall
i pull down a volume,
i’m all in it with the top peeled


dearly departed
we gathered here
stone inscribed with his christian name and birth year
james loeb
save his soul
hope they make a mausoleum for assholes
and OCT, RIP
your remains be worm food and dead meat
women might cry as the pallbearers pass
but it’s green like soylent
and golden like ass

based on wiz khalifa’s “black and yellow”:


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