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I am currently a sophomore classics major. I got involved in the department my first semester here, when I took Will's FTS on the Trojan War. My goal is to take every CLA class at Gustavus by the time I graduate.

Outside of acedemia, I am a film fanatic and enjoy doing pretty much anything with my closest friends. I recently gave into the pressure and played my first video game in college. (Hey, I lasted almost a full two years!)

I will be working on campus this summer in the Admin building, right next to Old Main, so if anyone has any research or odd jobs around the classics department, I'll be here!


Society, Ritual, and Death at a Port in Roman Greece

For many summers now, Dr. Joseph Rife, a professor at Macalester College, has been conducting excavations and research in the Greek port town of Kenchreai near Corinth. His colleagues have been from all over the globe: France, British Columbia, and the United States. Their focus has been on a collection of fifty-nine tombs which contain […]