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The Classical Education and the Parental Units

HT Clara Hardy Just in case you’ve missed the memo that classics is cool, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are looking for a tutor for their kids with some classical expertise: The tutor must be fluent in ancient Greek, Latin, French and Spanish, able to play two instruments and athletic. (If you’re wondering about the […]

Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Congratulations to our graduating seniors Karl Boettcher, Katie Webster, Patty O’Connor, and Jericho Westendorf!  We’ll miss you and wish you all the best on this exciting new phase of your lives.

Move Over Indiana Jones, It’s Space-Age Technology to the Rescue!

Very cool!  Just when you thought all the big stuff had already been found, it looks like the swash-buckling archaeologist days of Howard Carter and  Heinrich Schliemann are back again.  Kind of.  Armed with infrared technology that has already led to exciting discoveries and has the potential to discourage looting (ahem), archaeologists are excited to […]

Damnatio Memoriae before our very eyes…

An interesting column from the New York Times about a practice as old as Egypt itself–the attempt to expunge the names and images of ousted political rulers from public spaces.  See below for an excerpt on the practice in Rome. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/15/opinion/15bond.html?_r=3 Erasing the Face of History LAST month, a Cairo court ordered that images of […]

MSU’s production of the Odyssey takes top honors at American College Theatre Festival

Some of us were lucky enough to catch MSU’s production of Mary Zimmerman’s Odyssey last fall.  We all knew we had a top notch theatrical/classical experience, and apparently the judges at the American College Theatre Festival agreed.   This just in from the Phi Beta Kappa blog: Who’d dare to put on the stage in […]

Green and Yellows: A Hip-Hop Shout-out to the Cambridge Commentaries

A clever classics-themed parody of wiz khalifa’s “black and yellow” adapted to praise the Cambridge “green and yellow” classical commentary series, complete with agonistic put-downs of rival Oxford Classical Texts (OCT).   yeah, uh huh you know what it is green and yellows (x4) everything i read i read in green OCTs nothin’ cambridge green […]

Major Latin Lit News: 71 New Manuscripts of Ovid have been Uncovered.

This brief article (in English) is followed by a slightly more informative article in Spanish. It’s not certain how big this news is yet. It looks like the manuscripts are mostly of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. This is possibly at least somewhat frustrating news for the editors of the most recent critical editions of that text, though […]

Epictetus on Eating, Digesting, and Vomitting. And Philosophy.

So here’s a random, vivid little analogy from the Stoic philosopher Epictetus: Never call yourself a philosopher…For there is great danger in immediately throwing out what you have not digested. …For sheep don’t throw up the grass to show the shepherds how much they have eaten; but, inwardly digesting their food, they outwardly produce wool […]

Greek and Latin in China

The dialogue about the Greeks and Romans expands … The link is here. (HT Yurie Hong, Clara Shaw Hardie)

One Country’s Trash, Another Country’s Treasure…

Okay, that’s putting it a little dramatically.  But, given the precarious status of classics programs across the country, most recently at Michigan State University and University of Maine, and the fact that  people are constantly having to argue for the cost-effectiveness of the humanities and the value of a small-liberal arts education, it’s safe to […]