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Battle of the Brooms!

Two dozen classicists took to the ice in an epic broomball match to celebrate the last day of classes.  It will probably come as no surprise that the Titans got out to an early start, firing volley after volley into the net of the beleaguered Olympians, but the tide then began to turn as the […]

Andrew does it again!

Andrew Howard has had his paper accepted for presentation at the Classical Association of the Midwest and South annual conference, held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio over April 11-14. CAMWS is one of the two big classical organizations in North America and it is a rare distinction for an undergraduate to have a paper accepted […]

Andrew Howard’s thesis is a run-away hit

Classics senior Andrew Howard successfully defended his honors thesis on Thursday, December 14, presenting key findings of his research into the topic of The Runner in Homer’s Iliad to an appreciative audience of classicists, family and friends, including a strong showing from the Gustavus cross-country team. As his thesis advisor Bronwen Wickkiser remarked in her […]

Eric just won’t go away!

Eric Dugdale successfully underwent tenure review and was granted tenure.  nunc plurimos maximosque honores a senatu rogavit, inter quos ut parens patriae appellaretur et sacrosanctus ac dictator in perpetuum esset. He has changed his name with immediate effect to Rex.

Coming soon to a good bookstore near you…

Bronwen Wickkiser’s book-length study of the cult of Asklepios has been accepted for publication by Johns Hopkins Press.  Bronwen spent last academic year in Athens, Greece, working on this project with funding from the Loeb Foundation.  The classics department is planning to organize a book signing and a healing incubation shortly.

Tresses and togas

Unsuspecting visitors to Old Main were rubbing their eyes as they took in a display of the latest fads from the 1st century B.C. by students in Matt Panciera’s Roman History and Culture class, who dressed, styled their hair, and prepared food like ancient Romans for the day. Pictured here are Emilirose Rasmussen and Sarah […]