Greek food and culture in Minneapolis

Posted on January 24th, 2007 by

Photo of J-term Immersion Greek classNineteen food- and culture-vultures from the J-term immersion Greek class spent an enjoyable afternoon in Minneapolis on Tuesday, January 23. First stop was Christos restaurant, where delicacies such as koupepia and spanakopita turned into a mega deipnon – served to us by a St. Olaf classics alum called Hilary, who is currently studying Homeric Hymns at the U! After dinner, Christos owner Gus Parpas, a native of Cyprus, gave us a delightful glimpse into the rich culture of Cyprus, crossroads of the Mediterranean, where the successive waves of immigrants (Phoenicians, Venetians, Arabs, French, British among many others) have made for a truly unique Cypriote dialect and a succulent melting-pot of cuisines. Afterwards, we headed to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, where we were given a tour of the Greek collection by the docents. Now we know first-hand what a hydria looks like and why poor little Melitta had trouble carrying it back from the krene!


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