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Hannibal, part deux

Apparently Hannibal, the 3rd century BC Carthaginian general, who caused so much trouble for the Romans during the Second Carthaginian War, is finally getting his cinematic piece of the classics-movie pie. Based on the novel Hannibal by Ross Leckie, the movie is scheduled for release sometime in 2008. After rumors of a Denzel Washington-ian Hannibal, […]

Archaeology for Babies

courtesy of boingboing Ancient High/Potty Chair? You decide.

Ex-Getty Curator Off The Hook…For Now…

This just in from the International Herald Tribune: Greek court throws out case against former Getty Museum curator A Greek court on Tuesday threw out criminal charges against a former curator of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles accused of illegally obtaining an ancient gold wreath. A three-judge panel ruled that the statute […]

IMAX, Volcanoes, and Greek Food, Oh My!

On Saturday, November 10th an intrepid group of classicists led by Eta Sigma Phi ventured out Minneapolis to view the Pompeii exhibit and the Greek IMAX movie at the Science Museum of Minnesota and to dine on excellent Greek food at the nearby Christos Restaurant. A good time was had by all!

How To Be A Hero

On Thursday, November 8th Jenny Strauss Clay from the University of Virgina delivered a stimulating talk entitled “How To Be A Hero: The Case Of Sarpedon” to a nearly full house. Afterwards there were abundant questions and answers, punch and cookies.

Harvard 2007 Latin Salutatory Address

Just in case you thought Latin was a dead language, here it is in all its contemporary glory. Star Wars Chapter 8: The Harvard Experience

Olympia–rising from the ashes

from rogueclassism The Restoration of Olympia–brought to you by Coca-Cola Corp. The Coca-Cola Company announced a US $2 million donation to the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) toward the restoration of its site in Ancient Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games and the ultimate symbol of Greek and international cultural and sports heritage. The site […]