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Helen of “Troy”

Diane Kruger has admitted that she doesn’t like her breakthrough movie Troy. Speaking to Esquire magazine, Kruger said: “You can’t tell whether or not I can act from Troy. It kind of sucked to be honest.” Kruger played Helen of Troy in the 2004 Illiad epic opposite Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana and […]

“Indiana Jones” and the Tomb of Cleopatra?

Read all about it here. A flamboyant archeologist known worldwide for his trademark Indiana Jones hat believes he has identified the site where Cleopatra is buried. Now, with a team of 12 archeologists and 70 excavators, Zahi Hawass, 60, the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, has started searching for the entrance to her […]

This Time It’s Oedipal…

Another update of Classical theater onstage. And soon to be onscreen directed by none other than David Lynch. Filmmaker David Lynch is all set to make a new horror movie based on a Greek tragedy. Lynch, who has directed hits like “Blue Velvet” and “Mullholland Drive”, will team up with Werner Herzog to make “My […]

Top 10 Myths About the Romans

What are they? Find out here!

Homeric Moms–A Mother’s Day “Appreciation”

What better way to appreciate and support mothers on Mother’s Day than to reduce all maternal identities and behaviors into two universalizing and demeaning stereotypes–and to back it up with some Homer! Classic Moms The meddler and the martyr. That’s what Achilles and Odysseus had to deal with. On Achilles’ mother Thetis, who lobbies Zeus […]

Reproducing the Venus De Milo

If a trip to Paris isn’t in your immediate future, you can still take an up close and personal look at the famous Venus De Milo at this amazing site–a breathtaking example of what 21st century technology can bring to the study of ancient techne. (Thanks, Sarah!)

Old and New Part 2–After Aristophanes

Aristophanes’ Frogs has been updated by the Classic Stage Company. Read the full review here. (thanks, Nick!) The play is “Old Comedy After Aristophanes’ Frogs,” and in it David Greenspan has, figuratively speaking, built himself a framework out of “The Frogs” and the Old Comedy conventions, then sprayed it with a machine gun. The bullets […]

Festival of Dionysus IV

On Saturday, May 3rd students performed skits from Greek and Roman drama in celebration of Dionysus, ancient theater, the coming of spring, and the arrival of friends and family for Honors Day. Distinguished judges Will Frieiert, Henry McCarthy, and Steve Reese, who arrived all the way from the St. Olaf College awarded first prize to […]

New/Old Bust of Caesar

Read all about it here PARIS – Divers trained in archaeology discovered a marble bust of an aging Caesar in the Rhone River that France’s Culture Ministry said Tuesday could be the oldest known. The life-sized bust showing the Roman ruler with wrinkles and hollows in his face is tentatively dated to 46 B.C. Divers […]

Lavinia speaks

A new novel about Lavinia written by Ursula Le Guin has just come out. Read Salon’s reviewhere. “Oh Lavinia,” says the ghost of a poet to the title character of Ursula K. Le Guin’s new novel, “Lavinia,” “You are worth ten Camillas. And I never saw it.” The ghost is Virgil, the great Latin poet […]