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Greek Women Gain Entry into Art Museum!

This is overdue (in a couple of ways), but better late than never.  It’s well worth reading the whole thing. The Glory That Was Greece From a Female Perspective It’s funny, given American political ideals, that our museums offer so few major exhibitions of ancient Greek art. The Met had one called “The Greek Miracle: […]

Hot off the presses!

Ancient Greek homes doubled as pubs, brothels A new analysis of archaeological remains might have solved the mystery of the elusive kapeleia, lively Greek taverns that have long puzzled archaeologists. Despite the kapeleia being featured prominently in classical plays, no tangible evidence of the drinking dens has ever been found. “Taverns are indeed so […]

Ancient Persians ‘gassed Romans’

Ancient Persians were the first to use chemical warfare against their enemies, a study has suggested. Read more here.  A UK researcher said he found evidence that the Persian Empire used poisonous gases on the Roman city of Dura, Eastern Syria, in the 3rd Century AD. The theory is based on the discovery of remains […]