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yet another Classics-themed film

You’ve seen Gladiator.  And now…Centurion?  Watch the preview here.

Socrates on the Dance Stage

The story of Socrates is a component of choreographer Mark Morris’ latest dance program. “Socrates,” though not simple, is simply beautiful: the most sensuously attractive new choreography that I have seen by Mr. Morris in more than 10 years. The work is set to Erik Satie’s cantata “Socrate.” (Mr. Morris made an earlier dance […]

Not just for movies anymore: Homer Rewritten

Read this review of two new takes on the Iliad and the Odyssey: Zachary Mason‘s marvelous “The Lost Books of the Odyssey” purports to be a translation of a “pre-Ptolemaic papyrus” discovered in the Egyptian town of Oxyrhynchus, the real-life site of an ancient trash dump that has yielded many valuable papyri. Mr. Mason says […]

Meet Emmet!

Emmet Seokheon Easton-Hong was born at 5:24PM (what a considerate young chap!) on January 4. He showed his interest for languages at an early age, accompanying his parents to the American Philological Association conference three days later. At this rate, he will soon be fluent in Hittite, Luwian and Phrygian and politely asking for bekos. […]