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Cleopatra, CEO redux

Our very own Sean Easton was interviewed by CNN International about Cleopatra and her leadership style.   Take a look here!

Buildings Old and New: A Clash of Civilizations in Athens

HT Clara Hardy Modern construction projects often unearth archaeological treasures that have been buried for centuries.  These discoveries also tend to unearth long-standing debates about where important public works projects stand in relation to important finds relating to cultural heritage.  In Athens, the dilemma is particularly acute given its enormous cultural and historical significance and […]

On the Other Hand, Not Entirely Unscathed (Egypt)

Unfortunately, the Egyptian Museum didn’t fare quite as well as the Library at Alexandria. A full inventory of the Egyptian Museum has found that looters escaped with 18 items during the anti-government unrest, including two gilded wooden statues of famed boy king Tutankhamun, the antiquities chief said Sunday. The 18-day uprising that forced out President […]

The New Library of Alexandria: Symbol for a New Egypt (and the World?)

In antiquity, the Library of Alexandria in Egypt had as its goal to collect all the world’s knowledge and was an amazing storehouse of ancient Greek and Roman culture.  Its eventual destruction is counted as one of the greatest losses to world history and culture.  In 2002, a new library was built on the foundations […]