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J.K Rowling speaks of classics at Harvard graduation but not for the reasons you’d think

In 2008, J.K. Rowling delivered the commencement address at Harvard  on the lessons of failure and the importance of imagination, but not in the ways you’d expect.  By now most people are familiar with J.K.Rowling’s rags-to-riches story of how she went from being a single mother on welfare to becoming one of the wealthiest women […]

Update from Trinity Classics Department

Some of you may recall that the Classics Department at Trinity College was under threat of closure.  Sometimes the voices of students, faculty, alumni, and other concerned citizens can make a difference. Read the update below: ——————— I am writing with good news from Trinity College. Dean Rena Fraden has accepted the Educational Policy Committee’s […]

The Classical Education and the Parental Units

HT Clara Hardy Just in case you’ve missed the memo that classics is cool, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are looking for a tutor for their kids with some classical expertise: The tutor must be fluent in ancient Greek, Latin, French and Spanish, able to play two instruments and athletic. (If you’re wondering about the […]

Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Congratulations to our graduating seniors Karl Boettcher, Katie Webster, Patty O’Connor, and Jericho Westendorf!  We’ll miss you and wish you all the best on this exciting new phase of your lives.

Classicists Nearly Defeat Philosophers in Annual Kickball Game

Members of the classics and philosophy departments met on the battle–I mean, kickball–field for a nail-biting, suspenseful match-up.  Though the game didn’t come out in our favor, this was our closest game yet.  Watch out philosophy, Zeus/Jupiter may have granted you success this time, but your days on top are numbered.  The classicists will be […]