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Stoic Week is here!

From the intro to the piece: “Live like a Stoic! Week: 26 November to 3 December. An interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, philosophers and classicists are working together to find out the uses of stoicism for the modern day and you can too, by taking part in Stoic Week.”   The link is here.

Janella Reiswig’s Latin/Roman Holiday

Senior Janella Reiswig recounts her experience living the Roman life.  The espresso, the monuments, the…LATIN?!  yep. Here she is… ********* “This summer I was honored with the chance to study abroad in Italy with the Living Latin in Rome program though Princeton University. Not only did I get to live my dream by visiting Italy […]

Citizens United and the Roman Republic

An article inSlate compares the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case (on unlimited campaign donations) to the campaign finance system that ran the Roman Republic into the ground.  Some serious food for thought here. “How Political Campaign Spending Brought Down the Roman Republic”   “If Cato, Cicero, or Julius Caesar were here today, […]

Rome, Cats, and Ruins

A modern Roman cat colony finds that it has run afoul of archaeologists. The rest is here.

Have we Homer’s Ithaca?

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has been captivated by, if not quite the Homeric question, at least a close cousin to it. If Odysseus was ever in any sense real, where was his Ithaca? Or if he wasn’t, but his Ithaca was, where was it? Not in the same place as the modern Ithaca, […]

Want a lucrative career and a humanities major? Read on…

Greg Kaster from History brought this interesting article to faculty attention. It notes that the business world is in fact showing greater interest than ever in hiring humanities majors. The link is here.