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Life Imitates Art for Students Staging ‘Antigone’

NY public school student performance of Antigone as protest to school closures gets censored. The link is here.

Dissecting Celebrity with Help from Euripides & Co.

Why exactly do we care about our current (or any) crop of famous people? Euripides’ Iphigenia at Aulis explains. (HT Sean Cobb).  The link is here.

Ten timely leadership lessons from Cleopatra

Contemplating a career in the public eye? Look no further than this NY Times op-ed for sage advice on what to do and not do.  The link is here. LET’S say you can’t readily lay your hands on “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun” or those of Winnie the Pooh. And let’s say the political […]

Derek Jacobi returns to a new version ‘I, Claudius’ (on radio and in the role of Augustus)

Major Classics in media (although not visual, unfortunately) event! Jacobi joins a new radio version of the legendary historical drama (based on Robert Graves’ novels *I, Claudius* and *Claudius, the God*) in which Roman  Emperor Claudius recounts the decades of imperial intrigue through which he has lived.  This time, though, Jacobi is not in the […]

What Greek and Roman Statues Looked Like with Their Paint Jobs Intact

Ultraviolet light lets us in on the secret. The link is here.  HT: Sean Cobb

Armed with a metal detector, David Crisp digs up something big (52, 500 Roman coins)

The coins belong to the 3rd century CE from a horde dating to the reign of the rebel emperor Mausaeus Carausius, who, upon learning of orders for his execution sent by Emperor Maximian, formed and defended a small break-away empire consisting of Britain and parts of Gaul.  This development led to his being the first […]

STARZ casts a ‘Spartacus’ prequel: ‘Spartacus: Gods of the Arena’

This six episode mini-series will spin tales of the ludus (gladiatorial school) of Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus in the days before Spartacus’ arrival.  Watchers of the first season will be interested to know that some of the characters who did not survive its finale will be returning in these episodes.  The mini-series was designed to […]

‘Gladiator’ meets the World Cup

The ref for the USA v. Algeria game has a special pre-game preparation ritual: “I will watch the previous games of USA and Algeria to help me understand their tactics and work on my positioning. But I will watch ‘Gladiator’ first.”