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Emma in Holland

If you love food, photography, travel, and a classics-tinted view of the world, check out Emma Ellingson’s new blog about life as an au pair in the Netherlands.  You can subscribe by entering your email in the sidebar.  Be sure to take a look at this post about a museum exhibit on the major ports […]

Greek tragedy and ‘The Wire’

Thanks to my persistent brother-in-law’s recommendation, Sean and I just finished watching the acclaimed HBO show ‘The Wire’ a couple of weeks ago.  Each of the five seasons is loosely structured around a single wire-tapping case in Baltimore that sheds light on some aspect of the city’s institutions (drug trade, unions, real estate/politics, education, and […]

Alumnus John Albertson’s (’06) first-hand account of underwater archaeology in Black Sea

Dear readers, I’ve been asked to write a brief account of my doings since graduation in ’06, and thus you find this post. I’m writing from the stark, stony beauty of the Crimean coast where I’m currently working with the Centre for Underwater Archaeology of Ukraine’s Taras Shevchenko University. Upon leaving Gustavus I actually spent […]