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Be Careful What You Quote…

…especially when you live in a country with a long history of classical education.  This just in from the BBC: City boss denies lewd Latin claim. A City financier accused of trying to kill an employee sent a work experience girl an obscene message in Latin, a tribunal hears. She sent over a Latin passage […]

Herodotus was right! Cambyses’ Lost Army?

Italian archaeologists believe they have found the remnants of Cambyses’ lost army in the Sahara. Be sure to click on the slideshow! HT Robert Miner

Theaters of War, Ancient and Modern

The New York Times recently published the following article: The Anguish of War for Today’s Soldiers, Explored by Sophocles. The Pentagon has provided $3.7 million for an independent production company, Theater of War, to visit 50 military sites through at least next summer and stage readings from two plays by Sophocles, “Ajax” and “Philoctetes,” for […]

A New Addition!

Congratulations to Stewart and Ellie Flory, who welcomed their baby daughter Alexandra into the world on Monday, Oct. 26th!  All members of the Flory family are doing well, as you can see.

A Pompeiian Spectacle for a Sunday Night

Professor Martin Winkler, internationally renowned expert in Classics and Film Studies, wowed Gusties on Sunday night, Nov. 1st with his lecture “The Last Days of Pompeii: From Fact to Fiction and Film.”  Professor Winkler took us through a whirlwind tour of receptions of Pompeii across the centuries and via a range of media, from books […]

Classics Lecture

Barbara Weiden Boyd, Ph.D., delivered a lecture on “Example and Imitation: Shared Identity and Living Tradition in Augustan Rome” on Thursday, Oct. 22 to a full house.  Professor Boyd is a professor of Greek and Latin at Bowdoin College in Maine and specializes in Latin poetry, especially the works of Virgil and Ovid.  Her text […]

dinner and a slide show

On Wednesday, Sept. 30, Eta Sigma Phi provided an Italian feast for hungry classicists.  Globe-trotting Gusties Matt Panciera, Paula Wiggam, and Emma Ellingson  shared slides and stories of their trips to Sicily and Florence.  The event took place, fittingly, in the International Center–the perfect setting for inspiring wanderlust!

Comedy Night at Gustavus

On October 1st, a troupe of St. Olaf players brought us the Roman comedian Plautus’ Aulularia (‘Little Pot o’ Gold’) – performed in English, with a bit of Latin thrown in for good measure.  Students from all walks of Gustavus life enjoyed an hour of uproarious situation comedy, musical numbers, slapstick, and crazy coincidences.  Read […]

A Modern-Day Medea?

This in from England: A woman abandoned by her husband killed her two children in their sleep saying, “I’ve killed my two daughters. I did not want them to get hurt like I did.”

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Clash of the Titans, a “classic” in its own right is being remade: Notable cast members include: Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Sam Worthington (from the latest Terminator) as Perseus, and Polly Walker (from HBO’s Rome) as Cassiopeia. Also scheduled for production is Agora, a film about Hypatia, starring Rachel Weisz and […]