Sex(uality), Violence, and Spartacus: The Series!

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The upcoming Starz drama series Spartacus: Blood and Sand will include both gay and lesbian characters, executive producer Rob Tapert told today.

The drama stars Andy Whitfield and Lucy Lawless in a retelling of the story of the legendary rebel Roman gladiator-slave who lived in Rome from 109 BC to 71 BC and led a slave rebellion that eventually included 140,000 escaped slaves. The first season leads up to Spartacus’s escape from the slave prison.


Tapert is co-executive producing the series along with Sam Raimi, with whom he executive-produced Xena: The Warrior Princess.

Spartacus’s showrunner is Steven DeKnight, who told IGN recently, “I come from the Joss Whedon camp, so I love strong women, and I love big sweeping romantic arcs that will probably end badly, just like Joss always does.”

Each of the 13 episodes in the first season — which debuts on the premium network in January — reportedly cost over $2 million, and will include more graphic sex and violence than 300, says Tapert. “[The network] has given us quite a bit of rope with which to hang ourselves,” he says. Filming for the series is currently taking place in New Zealand.

Lawless (who is married to Tapert) plays Lucretia, the owner of the gladiator school where Spartacus (Whitfield) is imprisoned. John Hannah will play her husband, and Erin Cummings (Bitch Slap!, Dante’s Cove) has been cast as Spartacus’s wife.




  1. AlawiSebalu says:

    Very nice serie….guys keep up the spirit.

  2. spartacus says:

    I so love this show and i hope andy whitman gets better and recovers from cancer soon

  3. iris davila says:

    me encanto es muy original nunca me la pierdo estoy esperando la 2 parte me dejaron intigrada q va pasar con los demas guerreros ora q se revelaron padrisimo essa si es serie.

  4. Belinda says:

    La mejor serie (tengo varias) pero esta es estupenda!!! ya me urge que sea 2012 🙂

  5. criskinz says:

    OMG* that show was incredible* i fell in love w/ all them guys,,, well not all,,, juz some*

  6. fabian says:

    Ella es la mas rica !!!!

  7. kakashy says:

    esta super la serie, n me gusto q muera sura :s pero weno 😉

  8. Khatchig Chirinian says:

    God bless Andy Whitfield with good health. Great Show!!!

  9. Good an terribly informative post. I will return to your blog regullary. One thing: I do not precisely grasp what do you mean in the second paragraph. could you please exmplain your opinion?

    • Yurie Hong says:

      Can you be a little more specific about the opinion you’re referring to? The post is mostly a block quote from the article itself relaying information about the series.

  10. amir cj says:

    im persion-spartacus verv verey butifull film- i love italy- im kiss pepol italy