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Powerful/Empowered Gorgon Seeks Unintimidated/Impervious Mate

Take a look at this Clash of the Titans-inspired Onion piece: Most Men are Too Intimidated to Date a Successful, Educated Gorgon My sister Stheno says I “verily personify the terrors of the sea” and would be a “real catch” for any man with half a brain. I don’t know, maybe she’s right. Still, every […]

Classics Fashionistas and Freiert Followers, Come Forth!

Order your special edition Eta Sigma Phi t-shirts now! Show your love of fashion and Freiert by sporting this amazing design! This year’s shirt honors Professor Will Freiert on the occasion of his retirement and for every shirt purchased, HSF will donate $5 (out of the total $15 price) to the Flory-Freiert Fellowship fund.  To […]

Trojan Hippo?

HT David Obermiller The comic strip ‘Get Fuzzy’ has been mining the Trojan War for its humor.

Eleven reasons Plutarch and Herodotus still matter.

The Classics Rock BY JAKUB GRYGIEL | APRIL 2, 2010 Is the study of classical history pointless? What useful knowledge will I glean from reading about some dead Roman governor of Britain? How will studying what the Delphic oracle had to say about the Persian advance into Greece help me in my future job at […]

Cinema and the Classroom

Take a look at this report on the influence of classics-themed films on enrollment in classics courses.  What’s old continues to be new again! Read about it here. Fifty years ago, the story of Clash of the Titans – now a 3D movie starring Avatar’s Sam Worthington – would have been familiar to many school […]