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What Would Plato Say?

Renowned Plato scholar Alexander Nehemas, writing for the New York Times philosophy blog ‘the Stone,’ wonders what Plato would have to say about the current debate over the impact of tv, movies, and video games on society. Plato’s Pop Culture Problem, and Ours. This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on a case that […]

Does Your Language Shape How You Think?

It’s starting to look like it might. Here’s the latest update from the New York Times.  Not directly classics-related but super interesting, and it still has a bearing on how we should think about the ways in which language and thought subtly influence one another. Consider this example. Suppose I say to you in English […]

Odyssean Drama on the Greek Archaeological Front

Archaeologists have discovered a palace on Ithaka, which some are calling the Palace of Odysseus. Here’s the briefing from the ‘Athens News Agency‘: Greek archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a royal residence of pre-Classical Ithaca , with links to legendary Odysseus (Ulysses) inevitably coming to mind. Excavations by a University of Ioannina […]

What Greek and Roman Statues Looked Like with Their Paint Jobs Intact

Ultraviolet light lets us in on the secret. The link is here.  HT: Sean Cobb

From Homer to Beyonce, with love

HT: Emma and Paula From Classical allusions, Homer and Beyonce, what’s not to love?  Actually, this connection has been getting some attention for a while now. Take a look at this course: Singer of Tales: The Epic in Action from Homer to Hip-Hop… This course is about the epic poem in ancient and modern […]

Emma in Holland

If you love food, photography, travel, and a classics-tinted view of the world, check out Emma Ellingson’s new blog about life as an au pair in the Netherlands.  You can subscribe by entering your email in the sidebar.  Be sure to take a look at this post about a museum exhibit on the major ports […]

The Odyssey Rock Musical

If you happen to be in Austin this month, check out the Odyssey Rock Musical. If can’t be there in person, click here for a sample of one of the 15 original songs.