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Coming soon to a desktop near you: Greek texts!

Breaking news!  In an interesting addendum to the Mary Beard post a little while back… The British Library said Monday that it was making more than a quarter of its 1,000 volume-strong collection of handwritten Greek texts available online free of charge, something curators there hope will be a boon to historians, biblical scholars and […]

Pictures. Worth a 1,000 Words? More like 400 euros.

In ‘How Much Does a Picture of the Parthenon Cost?‘, Mary Beard reflects on the prohibitively expensive fees charged by the Acropolis Museum to reproduce pictures of its interior for publication in an academic book. …I had a nice picture of the frieze as displayed in Athens, taken by the husband, which I wanted to […]

Derek Jacobi returns to a new version ‘I, Claudius’ (on radio and in the role of Augustus)

Major Classics in media (although not visual, unfortunately) event! Jacobi joins a new radio version of the legendary historical drama (based on Robert Graves’ novels *I, Claudius* and *Claudius, the God*) in which Roman  Emperor Claudius recounts the decades of imperial intrigue through which he has lived.  This time, though, Jacobi is not in the […]

Classics and Modern Art

HT Sean Cobb An interesting review of three art exhibitions in the New York Times: Movements Expanded and Refined.  Classics figures into the article tangentially, but here are the highlights: -information on the exhibit Chaos and Classicism, which… “…traces [the] interwar classical aesthetic as it worked its way from a poetic, mythic idea in the […]