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Tattoo it like Beckham (or not)

Apparently LA’s newest British soccer player (or ‘footballer’ if you will) is sporting a new tattoo that will be of interest to Latinists. David Beckham’s New Tattoo–A Classicist Writes Becks has apparently decided that a move to Los Angeles demands a new tattoo or two. Amongst the many designs now decorating the celebrity right forearm […]

Interviews with Mary Beard

Brought to you by BLDGBlog, here are two interviews with renowned and engaging classicist Mary Beard complete with some great photos. Of the two, the second one deals the most specifically with Classics. Thought-provoking topics include: modern conceptions of authenticity vs. imitation, the intellectual and cultural dynamics of tourism, the continuity of mass consumption of […]

Long Live the King: Elvis Rex

…or Classics Professors Can Be Hep-Cats, Too! Crooner “with a calling” sings Elvis…in Latin “In my high school years in the early 1960s I had my own band and I sang Elvis in English,” said Ammondt. “Later, as a university professor in the 1990s, I realised that it was my calling to sing Elvis in […]

Classics and the Internet (vol. 2): Myth and Meme-ing

So many roles to play, so little time… Take a quiz to find out which Roman god you are: Take a quiz to find out which Greek goddess you are: Watch an animated version of the Homeric Hymn to Apollo:

Classics and the Internet (vol. 1): Wiki’s, Blogs, and Latin pride

vicipaedia bloggo ergo sum Love Latin? Wear it. Latin blogging pride

Giving Back the Classics Love

rogueclassicism passes along this inspiring piece of news from the Australian newspaper The Age: Donor Chips in a Million for Classics Margaret Cook 
October 8, 2007 WHEN UNIVERSITIES are fighting for every dollar they can get, even the smallest donation is welcome. But the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Classics and Archaeology never dreamed that […]

Of pictures–moving and otherwise

On Friday, Oct. 5th Eta Sigma Phi played Classics Pictionary and screened “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”, featuring the most hard-core Latin lesson of all time. Let that be a lesson to you to study those vocatives and imperatives. You never know when you’ll meet a grammatically demanding Roman soldier in some dark alley. For […]

To what end, Classics?

A recent article in the New York Times Magazine: Onward Christian Soldiers The students and teachers call what they are doing “classical Christian education.” They believe it’s much more than memorizing Latin declensions and Aristotle’s principles of rhetoric, though they do plenty of that. Doug Wilson, 54, the pastor who spearheaded New St. Andrews’ founding, […]

hey kid, stick with Classics…

…and maybe one day you, too, will be photographed by the New York Times surrounded by Loebs in all your contemplative glory! Here’s the actual article on how schools are “Exploring Ways To Shorten The Ascent To A PhD”: There are probably few universities that nudge students out the door as rapidly as Princeton, […]