Eta Sigma Phi Hosts Toga Party Posted on November 7th, 2008 by

On Thursday October 30, 2008, Classicists as well as non-Classicists gathered in Old
Main to have a Dionysian feast of pizza, lemonade, and Halloween decorated frost-your-own-cookies.
Activities included: a Julius Caesar photo booth, Plato’s Play-doh sculpting, a Roman coloring station (designing your own ancient pottery), and Pin the Laurel on Caesar. Winners of the toga contest were: Angela Larson, Mike Paulson, and Tanya Rupp. They received My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Gladiator, and 300. Following the festivities the party moved to Confer-Vickner to listen to Dr. Stephen Berard’s lecture on “Latin as a Living Language.”


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  1. Eric Dugdale says:

    Great photos – Nick actually looks like Caesar (or at least, Caesar when he still had some hair!).