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Emma in Holland

If you love food, photography, travel, and a classics-tinted view of the world, check out Emma Ellingson’s new blog about life as an au pair in the Netherlands.  You can subscribe by entering your email in the sidebar.  Be sure to take a look at this post about a museum exhibit on the major ports […]

Honors Day

Honors Day was this past Saturday, May 1st.  Special congratulations to Karl Boettcher and Paula Wiggam for being inducted into Phi Beta Kappa!  Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest Honor Society in the US.  Its letters stand for philosophia biou kubernetes “love of wisdom is the guide of life.” After the Honors Day convocation, classics […]

Reflections on Rome by Nick Harper

I came, I saw you, and You conquered my heart

Stephen Berard: Living Latin

On Thursday, October 30th Dr. Stephen Berard delivered a lecture on the history of Latin as a spoken language and led a workshop on speaking Latin.  Students and faculty alike were given the rare opportunity to bring past and present together by talking about their homes, families, and even computers–all in Latin! Dr. Berard continued […]

Eta Sigma Phi Hosts Toga Party

On Thursday October 30, 2008, Classicists as well as non-Classicists gathered in Old Main to have a Dionysian feast of pizza, lemonade, and Halloween decorated frost-your-own-cookies. Activities included: a Julius Caesar photo booth, Plato’s Play-doh sculpting, a Roman coloring station (designing your own ancient pottery), and Pin the Laurel on Caesar. Winners of the toga […]

Opening Ceremonies (Gustavus Classics Style)

Earlier this September, the Classics Department welcomed back Gustie classics majors, old and new, at the annual Departmental Classics Reception.  Much barbecue, tzatziki, and merriment were had by all! Missing Matt? Go visit his blog: http://pancierasinsicily.blogspot.com/

Classics family growing

Even as we say a fond farewell to our graduating seniors and to Bronwen, we eagerly look forward to the arrival of three new faculty who will be joining us and adding to the record number of Gustavus classicists (30 majors at the last count!). You will get to meet them properly at the fall […]

Who is that prodigy?

Senior Andrew Howard presented a paper, entitled “The Runner and the Iliad” at the 103rd annual meeting of the CAMWS in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 14. CAMWS is one of the two largest professional classical associations in the country. Andrew’s paper was accepted through a blind review process and was competing with the abstracts of […]

Battle of the Brooms!

Two dozen classicists took to the ice in an epic broomball match to celebrate the last day of classes.  It will probably come as no surprise that the Titans got out to an early start, firing volley after volley into the net of the beleaguered Olympians, but the tide then began to turn as the […]

Andrew Howard’s thesis is a run-away hit

Classics senior Andrew Howard successfully defended his honors thesis on Thursday, December 14, presenting key findings of his research into the topic of The Runner in Homer’s Iliad to an appreciative audience of classicists, family and friends, including a strong showing from the Gustavus cross-country team. As his thesis advisor Bronwen Wickkiser remarked in her […]