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Tibetan Protest in Olympia

The ancient Greek site of the Olympics, which serves as a starting point for the Olympic torch relay is the scene of modern day political protest. read the article here watch the video here

How To Be A Hero

On Thursday, November 8th Jenny Strauss Clay from the University of Virgina delivered a stimulating talk entitled “How To Be A Hero: The Case Of Sarpedon” to a nearly full house. Afterwards there were abundant questions and answers, punch and cookies.

Who is that prodigy?

Senior Andrew Howard presented a paper, entitled “The Runner and the Iliad” at the 103rd annual meeting of the CAMWS in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 14. CAMWS is one of the two largest professional classical associations in the country. Andrew’s paper was accepted through a blind review process and was competing with the abstracts of […]

Homer Came to Campus (no doughnuts)

With the singing of the first opening lines, and his use of the staff as the all-purpose prop, you become immersed in a world of Greek musical poetry. Twenty minutes earlier, visiting bard Mark Miner entered, wearing robes and a tunic, and gave a crash course in meter, onomatopoeic writing, and epithets. He also spoke […]

Athenaze is not just a book

A fortnight ago I had the pleasure of being invited to Athens (Athens, Georgia, that is!) to give a talk on Euripides’ Trojan Women in conjunction with a production of the play by UGA’s theatre department. My talk (“Athenian Men Watching Trojan Women: the Function Of Tragedy in Athens”) was part of their blockbuster Athenaze […]

300 Review

Just last night I had the chance to see the new movie 300, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel interpretation of the battle of Thermopylae. All I can say is, wow. 300 is a two hour romp through cinematography, special effect, and action heaven. That’s what it was made to be, and it was done […]

Greek food and culture in Minneapolis

Nineteen food- and culture-vultures from the J-term immersion Greek class spent an enjoyable afternoon in Minneapolis on Tuesday, January 23. First stop was Christos restaurant, where delicacies such as koupepia and spanakopita turned into a mega deipnon – served to us by a St. Olaf classics alum called Hilary, who is currently studying Homeric Hymns […]